Free Mobile UI Kit For Designers

We are happy to revive our blog with useful and fun information for our readers and to mark this wonderful event we decided to connect it with a present for everybody involved into mobile. This is a free UI Kit for a music app and you can do whatever you want with it: download and save on your computer in order to use in some time, have a look at it and get inspiration for your own apps or rework them partially or completely and create your next great app based on this UI kit!

So the archive contains 15 screens in .png format and also the .sketch file for you to enjoy and edit it. You can download it from Dropbox or contact us here if you have any questions or difficulties downloading it.

And here are some previews for you to get a feeling of what waits for you in the archive:

Starting screen and Genres screens:

Top Music screen, Users screen and Profile Screen:

Extended Profile screen, Store Screen and Music Player screen:

Enjoy this UI KIt and look forward to further updates from Factorial Complexity!

Viktoria Kolomiets UI/UX Designer