Mixing Swift And Objective C Code In The Same Project

Yes, there is opportunity to combine this languages in the same project. It’s great. Apple provides a tutorial how to do this magic. You can find here. But in spite of it I would like to share my experience on real examples, because it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Swift code in Objective C project

Let’s start from Objective C project, and will try to add Swift code to this project. Create the Obj C project. And create new Swift class.

For example, UIViewController:

After that, you will see the following popup message:

Please, choose Yes.

Now, you have ios_objc_mix-Bridging-Header.h file. In this header you can import source files for your Swift class.

After that, you can do the next steps.

  1. Implement you Swift class with @objc attribute:
    @import UIKit
    @objc class SwiftController: UIViewController {
  2. Defines module set to Yes:

  3. Embedded Content Contains Swift set to Yes:

  4. After that you should found the Product Module Name in your target settings:

  5. And please include header for Swift compatibility for example to pch file.
    #import “Product Module Name-Swift.h”
    #ifdef __OBJC__
        #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
        #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
    #import "ios_objc_mix-Swift.h"

And now you can use Swift code. Please, see the example on github.

Note: ios_objc_mix-Swift.h file you can’t find in your project browser Xcode automatically generates this header. Magic!

Note: if you have a lot of targets in your project. It really is a pain. You should import magic Product-module-name-Swift.h headers for each target.

Note: if you use Swift classes in the Interface Builder, you should setup the module.

Obj C code in Swift project

It’s similar process. And simpler.

Add Obj C file to project.

And also please choose Yes:

Include our Obj C View Controller to bridging header:

#import "ObjCViewController.h"

And that’s all.

You also you can found example on github.

Hopefully this will save time for someone. Don’t forget star the github repository.

Maxim Bilan iOS Developer