Why Having A Mobile App Is Essential For Your Medical Clinic

In a digital era when smartphones have already become a significant part of our lives, it is quite hard to imagine a person who doesn’t use this device on a daily basis. They dominate almost every aspect of living: from regular social communications to health examinations and measures.

Even if your clinic has an outstanding website, people tend to use mobile devices much often as there may be no access to the laptop or computer during the day while mobile phones and tablets are easier to be carried with anywhere. Talking about the choice of the informational source, apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites according to www.smartinsights.com. This means that people find applications more functional than a regular website and would rather install one than look through web pages.

So which exact benefits do such apps provide?

For Patients:

  • Automatization of the processes such as waiting line, receiving the results of examinations and communication with doctors;
  • Constant access to treatment plans with the ability to ask doctors specifying questions about prescriptions;
  • Simplification of insurance and debt payment processes;
  • Quick access to accurate information from anywhere.

For HealthCare staff:

  • Providing efficient internal management process;
  • Keeping all the necessary information about each patient in one place and access to it with just one finger swipe;
  • Making available better assistance for patients which need regular remote care and control.

These are just some of the advantages which mobile apps bring to medical establishments. But what makes them even more valuable is the flexibility of features they provide accordingly your healthcare clinic’s needs.

No one can deny that both patients and medical staff satisfaction plays a significant role in creating a positive image of a company. And mobile application tends to be one of the tools that can help to maintain trustful and long-term relationships. Developing a set of functions that matches clients’ and doctors’ experience will notably change the way people speak of your healthcare establishment and attract much more potential patients and specialists.

Let’s look at some examples that improve patients’ experience:

1․ Find a specialist that suits your needs. Different filters and tips via Guided Search help to easily get the necessary information about a doctor that a clinic has. So instead of searching the names and departments via Net, a patient can access the list via application and save his time.

2․ Free useful and personalized information attracts more patients. This includes daily articles about health, videos about patient care, news and researches, maps directions to the healthcare offices. The more interesting information is presented in the application, the more frequently users will open it and choose to trust exactly this healthcare establishment.

3․ Direct and quick consulting with a specialist which saves time and eliminates the need to wait in line in case of urgencies. What is more, getting lab results to your phone and constant access to them in the future helps to reduce many inconveniences both for patients and for doctors.

Here are the examples of how apps can optimize the internal tasks for healthcare staff:

1․ Easy task manager with reminders for nurses. It’s no secret that nurses execute a very important mission - ensure quick and long-lasting recovery after operations and daily patient care. That is why it is necessary to keep all their tasks on track and do not forget any important details.

2․ Virtual and quick access to all medical results documents that are available in Hospital Information Systems. What can be better than the ability to stock patients data such as vital indicators, different nursing measures, laboratory results, X-ray images and having instant access to it in any situation?

3․ Medical calculations with decision making tools. With the hundreds of built-in formulas, calculations have never been so easy. The smart assistant that recognizes the signs of different diseases at early stages and helps to choose treatment options is a dream of every doctor.

You totally need to invest in mobile application development for your clinic if:

  1. You want to maintain the high quality of patients’ experience not only during their stay but also remotely and in a long-term perspective.
  2. You struggle to attract new clients/co-workers.
  3. You want people to associate your clinic with something unique and modern.
  4. Automatization is just a word and has nothing to do with your current management approach.
  5. Bills payment became a nightmare for your patients and clinic.
  6. You strive to collect feedback regularly and improve the service.

Taking everything into consideration, having an app for mobile devices is a great choice for any kind of medical organizations. With the improvement of technology and rejection of paper in favor of portable devices, the pros of the applications become quite obvious: simplify and automate things that take too much of our precious time, get rid of redundant paperwork, improve communication channels between the doctors and patients and within the management structures, provide the clinic an easy promotion, competitiveness and collect necessary feedback for further business development. As at the moment people spend most of their free time on the phones swiping through applications, building one for your healthcare center will increase its popularity sharply and will help your business gain more value.

Anastasia Prykhodko Project Manager