Case Study

Powering SafeMotos Mobile Team

SafeMotos is a Rwandan startup on a mission to bring save rides to African cities. The team was expanding mobile application prototype into a stable production solution. Our leading React Native experts have jumped on board and helped to make this happen.

The initial mobile application prototype was built by SafeMotos team using HTML-based Cordova framework. It was good enough to get things going initially. However, since the start up lifted off and more investments were secured, a more responsive, performant and generally usable solution was needed. Working under agile process with Peter Kariuki, CTO of SafeMotos and rest of the team, our developers have helped to introduce the best practices of React/Redux architecture, fix multiple issues and overall boost the development.

SafeMotos mobile application is an Uber-like on-demand rides ordering application. Application UI is, however, pretty minimalistic and accessible. Obviously, it does a lot of geolocation tracking work and some operations with maps (Google Maps are used). The application is universal for a driver and a passenger. Payments are processed within the application.


The application was initially developed for Android with iOS version finalized soon after. By that time the codebase was in a good shape, so building for another platform proved to be relatively simple. Some important technical lessons about what to do and what not when building React Native applications were learnt during this and other projects and summarized here.


Whether you need an extension to your in-house team or creating the whole product from idea to the published application, we can help. Regardless of the way we co-operate, you will get access to our vast experience in various technologies and domains.

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