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Technical Director


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Aim for the highest possible quality.

Always look for the best possible solution.

See the world through the eyes of your customer.

Stay a minimalist.


Build great products. Help others build great products.

Why is it called “Factorial Complexity”?

In computer science “factorial complexity” is one of the common time complexities for the algorithms. Using this as a name is meant to be a joke and a form of protest against the common boring names that software companies often adopt.

Here is the variation of Bingo game. Start reading the list of software development agencies. When you hear “dev”, “soft”, “lab”, “tech”, “solutions”, “apps” or something-that-sounds-like-a-Latin-word - strike it out.

How old is the company?

The company was started in February, 2012.

Who owns the company? How big is it?

Factorial Complexity is a small family venture focused on inward perfection as opposed to aggressive expansion. We have less than 30 employees.

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