How We Work

Making the way from ideas to complete solutions

Project Stages

First Contacts
You share your ideas and visions and introduce us to the project. It is great (but not necessary) if at this stage you already have wireframes, mockups or detailed requirements.
We get your idea and give you the initial estimate. If needed, we help you create wireframes and set the project requirements.
Further Negotiations
You give us explicit requirements and we discuss the project in depth, shaping its future look and functionality.
We bring all the information together and prepare a preliminary proposal for you.
Signing the Contract
You analyze the preliminary proposal, choose the cooperation model, set milestones and express all your suggestions and preferences.
We discuss and clarify all the crucial issues, give our opinions and draw up the final version of the contract.
You sign the contract and finally we proceed to project development.
Project Development
According to the model you have chosen, we work either by Time & Materials or Fixed Budget model.
Upload to the Stores
You provide us with marketing data (texts, screenshots).
We help you successfully upload your product to the store.
Post-delivery Maintenance
If you need to update or improve the product, you just turn to us.
We provide all the necessary maintenance services and support, while you enjoy the product.
Brilliant Result!

Engagement Models There are two main cooperation models we would recommend to our customers depending on their projects.

Full Cycle Development

Even if you are not a technical specialist and it is difficult for you to form the final vision, we implement your idea and develop your application from scratch. It is great if you already have some basic or even detailed requirements, but we can make this less painful for you defining the requirements and creating the wireframes together.

We will be with you throughout the whole process of development, testing and further support.

Dedicated Team

If you want to be in control of everything and to manage the work on your project yourself, this is the best option. We form a team of the most professional specialists and they start working on the project after your approval. The development goes on according to Agile practices and the developers concentrate on your project only.

This works great for large long-term projects.

How We Cooperate There are three main cooperation models and we will help you choose the most beneficial option, consulting you before the project.

Time and Materials

The crucial concept here is flexibility. Time & Materials (also called "Hourly") contract works great for you if:
  • You have a large and long-lasting project;

  • You know new ideas will come to you in the course of development;

  • Your vision of the final product is not completely clear yet;

  • You want to be able to change your requirements and balance your budget.

Fixed Budget

Still popular but a bit tricky model we would recommend you when:
  • Your project is straightforward and short-term;

  • Your requirements are solid and 100% finalized;

  • You are sure there will be no changes at all;

  • You already have detailed and completeled specifications and designs.

Phase by Phase

A model which is the best solution in this situation:

  • You have difficulties formulating technical requirements;

  • You need designs created for your app as well;

  • You want to control your budget and still be able to add changes;

  • You want to have a prototype or MVP published while going on with more features.

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