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Hours of work and countless amounts of love and devotion to what we do

NPS Places

A tourist guide in a series of apps for the US National Parks with maps, geolocation, extensive information and an exciting on-site game.


Holocaust Memorial
Miami Beach

Application for the visitors of Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach landmark. Works with iBeacons installed on-site, contains lots of interactive materials and supports mutiple languages.


Boris Yeltsin
Presidential Center

This audio guide app helps visitors of Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center explore the museum and enjoy history enhanced by modern technologies. The app works with iBeacons and contains smooth UI animations and internationalisation for the visitors to use it with pleasure.



One of the apps we are most proud of, Beat is a mobile client for a large Norwegian subscription-based music streaming service with rich UI animations and incredible numbers of songs and artists, which can even be used as a remote control for other Beat-devices.



Amusing app for learning English, which is one of the top apps in Education category on App Store. It features around 20 mini-games, a lot of customizable and shareable content and has social networks integration.


Lingo Arcade

An application for learning languages in a fun and engaging way with 5 mini-games and 150 levels for practicing different aspects of languages. Supports English, French, Spanish and German.



Our first app for Apple Watch is a utility for location tracking written in Swift, which helps the user remember a certain location and return back there. In this application, we successfully used our geolocation expertise and integrated it with WatchKit and MapKit APIs.


KitchenPad Timer

A utility app for effective time management in the kitchen. We carefully designed its UI and graphic parts and made lots of effort to make it skeuomorphic and impressive. The app also features in-app purchases and advertising.


Dragons Rage

An addictive arcade game with the accelerometer to control an angry fire-breathing dragon and burn as many enemies as possible. The game with built with OpenGL-based Cocos2d engine. All the graphical assets and animations were created by our artist.

  Here are even more apps by us which you can view and download from App Store.

Little Writer

Educational game that teaches kids how to write. Allows full customization of content. Made with the cocos2d engine.

A+ Spelling Test

Educational application for practicing spelling. Both regular tests and several unique game-style test modes. Words can be fully customized. Includes built-in spellcheck dictionary.


Allows 2 users to store images and videos in a secure way. In order to access stored data pincodes of both users are required.

Little Genius

Application for creating games. Users can add images, audio and text, as well as define game mechanics in simple and straightforward way, no programming required.

Story Creator

Application for creating story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio. The stories can be shared online (powered by the Parse service).

Monster Hunt

Memory game for kids. Features smooths animations and addictive gameplay. Built on cocos2d engine.

Little Finder

Game of fun and education for kids and adults. Player should quickly find announced object on the field. Developed using cocos2d engine for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

ABC Ninja

Similar to the popular iOS bestseller Fruit Ninja, this game is about slicing objects with finger swipes. However, instead of fruit, the player slices letters while learning the alphabet.

Little Story Creator

Allows user to instantly create collages, arrange photos or get creative with videos, text, borders, stickers, videos, audio, drawings, and more. Stories can be shared as a simple link and viewed in any browser.

City Pic

Geographical quiz, where player should guess city from photo. City names are constructed from the set of letters.

Logo Pop Quiz

Simple quiz game about guessing the commercial companies logos. Allows customization, user can create his own levels.

Pirates VS Ninjas

Two-player strategy game. Can be played against a human player or AI. Beautiful, smooth animation, 14 different units types and 10 special abilities. Supports both iOS and Android.

ABC Genius

Multiple interactive games for kids of all ages to learn letters.

Phonics Studio

Phonics Studio makes learning how to pronounce words fun and easy. Includes 2,500 word cards.

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