Aiming at cost, time and quality we use best practices and eliminate barriers of communication to satisfy customer requirements and to increase their own market share by a development of new products. We built high-quality mobile and web applications using agile practices for our customers from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway and other locations.


Start with letting us know about your goals, needs, and expectations. We will propose you the solution and provide you with the ballpark or detailed estimated cost of the work required, depending on details available.


Confidentiality of your business information is one of our top concerns. We will sign NDA, so you feel comfortable sharing any details.


As soon as we are on the same page on the scope and the cost of the work that needs to be done, we are ready to sign the formal agreement and start working. The Project Manager will be assigned to the project and will walk you through all the process.

Working Process

We work according to agile software development practices. Our team is agile and transparent. We require the customer (you) or his trusted representative to be involved in the development process on a regular basis. He or she will act as a Product Owner. The Product Owner is responsible for any decisions that affect budget or scope.

The Project Manager on our side is responsible for making sure that work process is followed. He or she also acts as an advisor for the Product Owner and helps him or her to fully understand the processes and challenges, see the full perspective and get the proper technical advice from the experts.

Tools that we normally use include: Redmine (issue tracking), Slack (communication) and Freckle (time tracking). The customer and all his representatives get full access to this tools and see everything that's going on.

Getting the Code

We trust you and grant an access to the source code being created by our developers from day 1. The developers will push all the code to your repository. They will help you setting one if needed. If needed we can temporarily store your code in our Gitlab repository. We normally use Git, but open to using other code version control systems if required.


We send time reports every week, so you keep an eye of how much time is spent on what. Invoices are issued monthly or bimonthly depending on the timeline of the project.


We build native mobile applications for iOS and Android, cross-platform React Native applications, web applications with React or Angular, web services on Node.js, beautiful and functional UI designs.

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