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iOS Applications Development

We began developing for iOS back in 2008 as soon as it became possible to work with iPhone SDK. Since then we have been gathering and improving our knowledge and creating more and more complex and polished apps with each new iPhone and iOS device appearing. Depending on what Apple platform (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV) you are going to target you will get the most professional iOS specialists for your project and high ratings in App Store.

Android Applications Development

It may be quite challenging to develop apps for Android devices because of the variety of phones and tablets running on it and our Android developers meet and solve this challenge with honour. We will help you create close to pixel-perfect Android apps, which perform smoothly, attract users and get top-rated on Google Play. Armed with Android Studio and native Android SDK tools our developers will be happy to help you fight any Android challenge you have and build a perfect app compatible with all Android devices.

Back-End Web Development

No matter how skilled you are with iOS and Android development it will not always be enough. Most of the apps need web-based backend to store and process user data. We undserstand how important it is for the performance of a mobile app to have stable and highly-effective backend and for this purpose we have skilled web professionals in our mobile team. Depending on your preferences and your app’s funstionality we can create custom backend for you or integrate your app with one of the existing Backend-as-a-service solutions.

UI/UX Web & Mobile Design

The most perfect and innovational app will not accquire a significant number of users and a good rating if it looks bleak and sad. Our intention is to create a most perfect app for you and UI/UX design is a large component of this perfection. Our UI/UX designers base their ideas and solutions on years of experience combined with the eye for beauty and elegance. In this way you will get not only the polished code but also absolutely stylish looking app with awesome user-experience and lots of people falling in love with your app.

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